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Cuisine & Beverages

With a focus on restaurants, bars, coffee shops, breweries, distilleries, and wineries – and a portfolio with companies ranging from Washington D.C. brands like Ambar, Agora & 3-Stars Brewing, to world renowned hospitality brands like Ritz-Carlton & InterContinental. Follow this link onto the Cuisine & Beverages website.

Portraits & People

A portrait is more than just a photo of a person, it tells a story, invokes emotion and inspires new thoughts. Dramatic lighting techniques, creative locations and intentional storytelling. Follow this link to the dedicated Portraits & People website.

Events & Weddings

Fleeting moments; birthday parties, corporate events, activations, galas, and weddings. These are once in a lifetime moments, and having a truly professional team of filmmakers & photographers who have an artistic approach is absolutely priceless in the realm of preserving these memories. Follow the link below to visit the Events & Weddings website.


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EMBERLENS DESIGNS, INC. © 2022 All Rights Reserved.

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